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A Dialogue of Diversity and Acceptance

A Dialogue of Diversity and Acceptance interfaith religious dialogue Jesus and the philosopher Lao Tzu, to be positioned beside the Gods and Goddesses , art for peace, what is peace, and the art of inter religious dialogue Continue reading

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Imagine a World with no Boarders

Spiritual life requires being gentle with your own self, treating others as we wish others to treat us; respecting others dignity and individuality, without exception. We can then open our hearts and allow the narrow differences to meld into a home planet of solidarity. Continue reading

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Why try and develop ways to diminish our differences and rejoice in our commonalities?

All living creatures are part of this profoundly interconnected holistic living planet. It is an Eco matrix. Continue reading

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When someone gives you a heater and your not cold, where is the peace?

Peace between us is not merely the silence of guns and the absence of war. True peace is the “work of correct action”, in the self and those around you living and breathing. You may not find the connection between this story and forgiveness/compassion. I have grappled my whole life trying to fix everything which I think needs fixing. Continue reading

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Holes through my Icon

Christ is the cosmic map, used to navigate our way into a more universal understanding of what it is to be completely human. Most things can be fixed but where are we going in our society with all the anger and frustration taking root in the human soul. Continue reading

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Woman at the Well Story

The gospel does not give any details as what the conversation could have been.
” He told me all that I ever did” John 4 :39 Continue reading

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Sacred Contracts

Free will plays a big part in a Sacred Contract as well as the “choice point” — opportunities for growth are not always understood at the moment they arise. It often comes in the form of challenges we are faced with. We entwine ourselves in very special ways, sometime is works and sometimes not and in ways we may never fully understand. Continue reading

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