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The Dialogue, Peace Between Us

Looks like Mary Jane Miller and Valentin Gomez will gift their installation called  the Dialogue to the interfaith center in Houston, via Zoomalo shipping company. If you have not been down to Cieneguita to see it you still have till … Continue reading

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Art for Peace, looks for a Foundation or Sponsor

Designed as a traveling installation, The Dialogue Project has recently been installed just outside San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a community renowned for its art and spirituality. This extraordinary work of art encourages viewers to pause and listen again to … Continue reading

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Mohammad’s Face

Yes, Mohammad’s face is always covered, His face is behind the veil. When we designed the Dialogue, ART for Peace and I researched images of Mohammad’s face, I found this image but removed the veil and I knew more or … Continue reading

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Art for Peace Installation

Religions can no longer avoid teaching and promoting the idea we are one planet together. There is an urgency to work together to find new ways to share and live in communion. Our goal is to PROVOKE new discussions about the … Continue reading

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The Dialogue- New Art Project for World Peace

Our New Art Project is called “The dialogue for world peace”. The work was finished January 2011 and currently installed in Cienegita, the road to the airport, Kilometer 4.Banner posted on a blue wall. The exhibition “The Dialogue” is an exhibit of images designed as a wall that represents 5,000 years of belief systems from around the world.

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