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Mary Icons

There are three classic prototypes of Mary. Her icons point towards a new contemporary kind of trinity. Perhaps the concept of Mary is still undeveloped in our understanding and with more contemplation we will come to realize a deeper mystical … Continue reading

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Saint Mary the Mother of God In Feast day Icons

A theologian once said, “it is necessary to go back to Mary if we want to return to: truth about Jesus Christ, truth about the Church and truth about humankind.” This is an amazing statement and one worth thinking about Feast day icons and Mary the mother of God. Continue reading

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“The tongue and heart moving are two keys to prayer, the vibration they make, mark the entrance into sacred places.” St Isaac CATHOLIC ART BLOG Continue reading

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Why It is Perplexing to seek the Truth

Dogma is fine except when there is no more room for flexibility or creative new perspectives. Anyone who has spent time in meditation and prayer will no doubt find Life to be a Dilemma. Continue reading

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