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Jubilee House Retreat Center

July 16 to 20, 2018 Next Workshop at Jubilee House In Southwest Virginia, the historical town of  Abingdon there is  a delightful retreat center filled with light and good energy to host an iconography workshop. We will have long mornings … Continue reading

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Lecture in San Miguel Allende

Mary Jane Miller is fast becoming a voice for exploring new attitudes. Miller has been inspired for the past 25 years by the question, “What, besides spiritual awe, does religion tell us about the our human condition and our desire … Continue reading

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Catholic Church; Status of Women and Tradition

Cultural bias against women has to a large extent been overcome in the societies of developed nations, however, the tradition and status of women is still unfortunately inferior to men around the world. Jesus strongly promoted the dignity and equality … Continue reading

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The Beginning of Wisdom

How many people strive for Wisdom, that moment of sure, deep knowing when something is undeniably clear, right in front of you. It is exhilarating. Wisdom is knowing as an un-involved observer, the moment engages your body, and mind, and … Continue reading

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Egg Tempera Technique

If there is NO GOD then I have had a great time living the illusion that there is one and If there IS a GOD, it will confirm a life illuminated by something greater than I can imagine. Mind and … Continue reading

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What is going on? (1) We are in the end times. (2) Humanity has never seen such greed and selfishness before. (3) We are experiencing life as chaos. As people experience their world spinning out of control and sense their … Continue reading

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Mend the Hole in the Cosmos

The question may be, is there a whole in the cosmos? As a metaphor perhaps there is. Humankind is making real deep and lasting gash on the face of the planet, deep bleeding holes in continents around the world. We … Continue reading

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