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Women in Christian Sacred Images

Being a practicing Christian all my life and dedicated to the practice of painting (writing) icons. One cannot help but make some startling observations and deductions. I would like to share some of the conclusions I have made while reading … Continue reading

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Unexpected Transformation

Making seen that which is unseen. I have come to see the world as a metaphor, nearly everything which happens to us is screaming to be understood through the eye of spirit, we just need to reflect long enough to … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene Gospel and St Andrew

GOSPLE of MARY TEXT After Mary had said these things, she was silent, since it was up to this point that the Savior had spoken to her. Andrew responded, addressing the brothers and sisters, “Say what you will about the … Continue reading

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Women Iconographers

I would like to invite icon painters around the world to post their newest icon images. Icon painters potentially write spiritual truth which can come through reason as revelations or through logic which analyzes and sees patterns. Our intellect is … Continue reading

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Eternal Image

Eternal Image, the text reads; “There never was a time when He Wasn’t”. The doctrinal sound bite to answer the question, when did the Holy Spirit come? I remember seeing several images of the trinity, there were three images of … Continue reading

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The “Medium” in the Art of Egg Tempera

Takes courage to own a Byzantine Icon and only time to learn you don’t want to live without one. May your life become an icon for others and all which surrounds you, a memory of the divine. Continue reading

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The Guy who falls and the Guy underwater.

“God” is everywhere but without the mechanics of love and the preparation for love, we humans might live a limited life which is potentially lethal. There are no mistakes only millions of combinations. Continue reading

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