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Sacred Christian Iconography

By reason of its long history and the dynamic concepts that controlled it, the growth of Christian iconography is rich and varied. Beginning with Byzantine Sacred Art in the early centuries of the Christian era, iconography portrays the human soul … Continue reading

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Sacred Iconography

Windows into Stillness March 28 to April 1, 2017 Painting icons in Lewes Delaware with Grains of Sand Most of have asked at least once, why are we here? What is the point? take time for  yourself to ask and … Continue reading

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Modern Icon Painting at It’s Essence

Icon Painting offers that satisfaction – having your work seen? There is great satisfaction when your work as an artist gets seen by the public. It is the kind of satisfaction which makes you smile when you put your head … Continue reading

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Sleep and you miss God’s Love

  Have We Gone To Sleep Rather Than Love God?: Byzantine Icon Images a Thing of the Past?    The byzantine icon images  of the Disciples Sleeping opens us to Christ experienced his lonesomeness.  It calls to mind the painful … Continue reading

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THE FEET of the Holy Spirit

    Check out the little feet, I love it!, they look like two small trees. They remind me of Genesis, in Garden of Eden. The Holy Spirit brings forth The tree of knowledge and the Tree of Life, side … Continue reading

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Monasteries and Catholic Icons

Great works of Catholic Art for centuries have been protected behind the wall of monasteries, hidden from the public in their spiritual importance and reverence. Continue reading

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Christ Teacher, Master, or Guru

Seek God within and know his presence intimately everywhere and know the image of Christ, is God in you. “Truly many prophets and religious men have longed to see what you have seen but did not see … and to hear what you hear but did not listen.” Mystical understanding is hearing and seeing without eyes or ears. Continue reading

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