San Miguel’s Finest Iconographer, the Only One

Mary Jane Miller, one of San Miguel’s bright thinkers with an untamed spirit.

One hour Lecture and Slide Presentation

St Paul’s Anglican Church

Tuesday Sept 4th


The talk will be accompanied by a power point presentation of classic iconography and her own collection of new images from her latest book, In Light of Women. Miller is a woman committed to the art and theology involved in iconography, an ancient technique used in the production of sacred image, dating back 1,600 years to a time when the minds of men believed they were inspired by God. The Holy Spirit did not descend to a few and ascend back to the heavens only once; we are inspired humans walking in a divine likeness even today. Changing the slant and interpretation of words and image does not threaten the history of Christian thought and the profound effect it has had on humanity; instead it has the potential to open our hearts and minds. Contemporary Christians are on a learning journey watching their consciousness unfold. Miller knows and has experienced that unfolding journey can be a tortuous one, while persevering to understand this entity many have called God.

  The donation of 100 pesos is acceptable at the door and proceeds will got Green Team SMA.


Miller has been steeped in this painting tradition for 25 years and found new places to share insights and the strict tradition has not dulled her senses. On the contrary she is quickly becoming a catalyst for change. She thinks the bible can be thought of as hugely misogynistic, not because the men who wrote the words were particularly bad guys, but because in the first century women were not simply discriminated against, but often silenced. Yet, there are many subtle small slogans for women to regain their rightful place; as an example the Apostle Paul said ‘women should learn’. These few words actually become quite revolutionary. Given that the instruction was issued within a society which didn’t educate women, it seems Christ was trying to balance the behavior with a new mind even so long ago but we just simply have not fully grasped it even today. Women  have been waiting for nearly 2,000 years to be given an equal but different place in the kingdom, before they die. ‘Men of God ‘ it is time for us all to teach and give guidance to bring Christs’ directives of love and equality into fruition.

The donation of 100 pesos is acceptable at the door and proceeds will go to Green Team SMA.

Today new insights into women like Mary Magdalene are challenging our contemporary landscape. Art and image are powerful tools to bring about that change.

About Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane Miller

Iconography, byzantine style contemporary art, catholic art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. fine art and religion, spirituality and god
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