Palette to Palate Long Table Dinner

Friday, August 31th , 2018  7:00pm

Palette to Palate is a Long table Dinner experience with a unique culinary adventure by chef Linnea Rufo, featuring the work of special guest artist Mary Jane Miller. Friday evening around the long table always brings together a unique group of people, and this palette promises to highlight conversations sparked when sacred art meets the sacred stomach.

Enliven both your taste buds and visual senses as you enjoy their Russian inspired feast, surrounded by Byzantine style Icons. Mexico and Russia both share traditions and heritage full of rich color and visual delights reminding us of ancient times and spiritual belief.



Chef Linnea Rufo is more than just a lover of food, she is inspired by the entire dining experience, capturing the spirit of the table, creating a mood, and evoking feelings or places through her delicate and perfectly paired meals. With years of culinary experience and a life long passion for bringing people together, Chef Linnea creates a warm environment where friends and family can come together and enjoy the rewards of sharing culinary delights. Casa Linnea is a place where friendships and unforgettable experiences can be made. To learn more about Palette to Palate and her upcoming events visit her website:

Mary Jane Miller is an internationally known artist whose work is set to accentuate the atmosphere of this Russian feast. Not to be missed, Russian food and a resident iconographer of Russian tradition all in San Miguel Allende for one night. Miller’s work is alive with gold, silver, precious stones in deep tones of color. Her beautiful byzantine images are as organic as the food you will be served, filled with gracefully executed strokes of egg emulsion and ground stone called egg tempera. Mary Jane is not represented anywhere in San Miguel Allende so this collection of work is not to be missed! To see more of Miller’s work and available pieces for purchase, visit see her website.

In order to finalize your reservation The Long table dinner participants are asked to make their payment in advance, email for more information and prices.

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About Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane Miller

Iconography, byzantine style contemporary art, catholic art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. fine art and religion, spirituality and god
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