Gilding the Easy Way

Tip for Gilding

Mix Tile Bond (True Value Hardware carries it). with natural Bole.  If the red bole you buy is a creamy consistency add one part glue to 3 parts creamy bole. check it when it drys a finger nail indention is good, tells you it is not too hard, the shinny finish means it is too much glue. a dull powdery finish tells you to add more Glue. Heat the whole amount just too warm it, mix well and let stand a day or two.

If the bole is dry, mix distilled water to it till it is a creamy consistency like Very Thick cream. Notice this RED BOLE says REQUIRES NATURAL GLUE I use the Tile bond

You may have to add a bit of  distilled water when you go to actually apply it. I pool it, adding a brush full in a lake joining the puddle as I go along. Like we applied it in our class.



I use Rolco Oil size for Gilding, apply it evenly over the Bole /Tile bond mixture.

There are too many ways to do this process and lots of ingredients which vary from one process to other. Get ingredients that are compatible and stay away from anything with acrylic base.

Figure out one process and then perfect it. I can hit the ball pretty good with these 3 ingredients. Gilding with Mary Jane Miller


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Mary Jane Miller

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