Humanity has lost their heart to unscrupulous consumption

BUY what is useful and necessary, GO SIMPLE and Consume LESS.

Forests are felled to make grain for cattle to make hamburgers which make us fat.

Rivers are poisoned to manufacture fake leather for our comfort in the car. Million and millions of shipping containers transport what the market demands, 365 days a year, so we can have more kinds of coffee, six kinds of scented soap, silly hand gadgets to cut your butter and a specialized pizza fork! This pathological consumption has become a world-consuming epidemic of madness, based on a pretty big lie making you think you need it.

EXAMPLE: In 2007, the journalist Adam Welz records that13 rhinos were shot and killed by poachers in South Africa. In 2016, 585 rhinos where shot and killed. Why? It is documented that very rich people in Vietnam are now sprinkling pulverized rhino horn on their food or snorting it like cocaine to display “their” wealth. In comparison, in China they are serving up live baby mice as a delicacy you eat with chopsticks. It’s grotesque.

The non-thinking consumers are keeping “their” seduction live!

This boom of madness has not happened by accident. The designers and promoters of crappy ideas seldom stop and ask; “Does humanity Need IT?” Or Does the Planet Need IT?. They want money, and they convince us we will feel” better. We have to ask ourselves at every moment in the checkout line, “what am I buying and why?”. The designers of stupid consumption depend on selling the utterly useless to the ignorant thoughtless consumer. AND worse, when every conceivable want and need has been met among those who have disposable money, the designers of stupid consumption start all over again in another country with another idea.

Grown men and women devote their lives to designing, manufacturing and marketing useless rubbish, toys for the adult child and stuff with no lasting value or relevance. Remember, we are trying to “feel” better or make someone else “feel” better. Actually to do that requires no money or investment, no shopping mall or special coffee machine, it requires BE-ing in the moment.

These designers of stupid consumption have taken the slogan, “the best things in life are free”, and found a way to sell it to us!

Why have we failed to notice that the excessive behavior of a few is already controlling more money than they know how to spend, and causing the deprivation of millions along with the environment. The growth of inequality accompanying stupid consumerism makes a lot of money for a few. Why have we failed to notice it is not good to trash the planet by selling crappy ideas to the poor and middle class. In the US in 2010 a remarkable 93% of the growth in incomes accrued for the top 1% of the population. This year, make it your goal to BOYCOT these clowns who design and promote crappy ideas. If we don’t it “their ” wealth will continue to hurt us all. Our “dis-ease” with our not “feeling” good is being satiated by a lie and ruining the the environment and the human soul.

About Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane Miller

Iconography, byzantine style contemporary art, catholic art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. fine art and religion, spirituality and god
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