Painting Medium of Egg Yolk and Timeless Dirt, Fantastic

If there is NO GOD then I have had a great time living the illusion that there is one and

If there IS a GOD, it will confirm a life illuminated by something greater than I can imagine.

Mind and spirit exist in God as well as in the ancient medium of egg tempera, (painting with million year old dirt). The practice allows us to slowly witness our selves as we work and simultaneously watch the image as it arises in form and beauty. Our minds and spirits cannot help but give meaning to what we can see around us as the image unfolds. The egg tempera technique reveals a marvelous tiny world were we comprehend the unseen and make it visible. Egg tempera is so intimately yoked to me ( pun intended) I have thought I might one day be transformed into a chicken. I want to breathe in life and know God at every moment while pushing pigments around. The easiest way for me to find beauty, harmony and peace is in this dirt.The tradition of Painting Medium of Egg Yolk and Timeless Dirt, can withstand lots of history, for its beauty and limitless range of image and message.

I invite you to allow this rich tradition and

experience to take you into the mystical and illogical.

“I am” is an ancient concept of the divine, it states a moment of individual existence. So with an icon,(means image). Painting images in egg tempera is limitless meditation; the process has seduced generations of icon painters into looking at what is obvious, “I am”… matter and mind simultaneously. The potential for spiritual awareness is trapped in million year old dirt waiting to be seen. There the grains of sand individually placed are beauty and stillness changing our world, one inch at a time. The delicate membrane around the yolk holds the essence of life within itself, liken to humans whose flesh holds the consciousness of God.

We are grains of sand screaming at the ocean of God.

Expect to get astonished by the divine link, as you witness Gods action in you merging matter and spirit through painting icons. We witness our efforts to create as the color deepens and changes, is transformed and highlighted all in some magnificent symphony played out in simple dirt.

My new body of work is challenging to the status quo of the icon community. This is fine, there have always been heretics and rebels in every aspect of life around the globe. The tradition of Painting Medium of Egg Yolk and Timeless Dirt, can withstand lots of history, for its beauty and limitless range of image and message. God is a verb, changing and revealing him/her self to us, just as if every instant is God’s fist thought of creation. The foundation for every great icon is first in the spirit, and not necessarily in the tradition. The first icons expressed a universal idea which dates back more than a millennium and speaks of holiness, the fantastic blending of flesh and spirit in Christ. That mystic concept is creation being felt and experienced by everyone, even today.


All communication will lead us to realize;

We are not alone,
We are all connected,
We live outside of time and space
We are loved because we are sustained
We will begin to perceive this through our
thought, love, vibration, breath, and energy.

It is not loneliness I carve, it is ONE liness.

About Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane Miller

Iconography, byzantine style contemporary art, catholic art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. fine art and religion, spirituality and god
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