Encaustic Artist in San Miguel Allende

August 7 to 11, 2017


Ruben Amaro is a patient and gentle instructor of this ancient art form. He is widely recognized on the continent for images of horses and Flamenco dancers. His skill and collections in Encuaustic are unique. He has studied extensively with Maestro Francisco de Santiago Silva in the traditional technique and offers us all time to explore the medium as beginners.

The workshop will be held in the historic colonia of San Antonio tucked away in San Miguel Allende, Mary Jane Miller will host Ruben Amaro as a Guest artist in her studio this August. We will have several of his original works on display. The atmosphere is quiet and ideal for the time we will share at this event. For more information

RUBEN will be offering two sessions;

Mornings 9 AM to 12 and Afternoons and  2 to 5PM     2,400 pesos per session

Glazing and Collage

A bit about the technique. Beeswax is a natural preservative, making it an ideal material for artists who want to incorporate fragile or non-archival elements in their work. The medium is a mix of pure filtered white beeswax and damar resin. Essentially, it’s encaustic paint without pigment. Add it to encaustic paints to increase translucency for glazing, or as an economical sizing for panels. On its own, it can be used for effortless collage work.

Absorbent papers, cloth, yarn, string and plant materials are all ideal components for a successful collage. Embedding flat objects will trill the edges of our creative spirits. In addition to collage we will of course learn to use the encaustic medium, mixed with the dry pigments with a wide range of colors, making the final work semi transparent. This is an ancient technique, one they seldom teach in art schools anywhere in the world. Come and join us,morning or afternoon session.

Email: arte.ruben.amaro@gmail.com 

follow him on FACEBOOK link  https://www.facebook.com/ruben.amaro.351








Wednesday night we will have several professional presenters from the community of San Miguel to show their work, discuss the process and enjoy beverages, wine and cheese while we listen to tier stories. Ezshwan  and Kate to start us off… 7 PM ..

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  1. Beautiful work! Clearly blessed.

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