When the apostle John states that the “Word become flesh” it is jarring, how can that be? In his humanity, Jesus manifested absolute grace and truth, in such a way that people could contemplate all it takes to be divinely human. Doctrine encourages us to believe He is the One, come from the creator directly, no holding back, the whole Kahuna. His Christ love went beyond death. His Christ love was for all of humanity, better yet for each person.

The other day I was at mass just at the moment of the Eucharist where we receiver the host. That little flat wafer, into my mouth it went, down my throat etc. I love it! And all I could think of was, WOW if that little morsel of pure divinity could just change me! Presto! Silly childish thoughts perhaps, but as I was walking back to my seat I was thinking about the Mayan Corn God, His greatness is venerated for having given corn to the world, those divine kernels were cast out from the first cob and are replanted and eaten and shared over generations since the beginning of time. Are we celebrating anything so different? We are all connected like corn!

Holy Ground

More provocative words we have in the Bible


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2 Responses to Eucharist

  1. Surendra Kumar says:

    Of course it can change you, if you are open to it. He has promised us that and more.

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