Two Kinds of Message

There are some who say the traditional large christian denominations are dyeing. There are those who say the Baptist and evangelical communities are thriving. It might be better to ask why Chruch at all? Our interior movement can happen within or without church. The idea behind spirituality is to become part of something greater than ourselves as individuals. The community or Church body has the components and traditions to directs us towards a dynamic, alive, organized, intentional spiritual life and being part of that body essentially holds the teachings for abundant life.

Through church participation we might have learned to discover that, at our core, because of who you are, as a christian, you move into the world for the sake of the world and the good of all. For those who do not go to any denomination presently, your church going parents perhaps gave you their residual teachings which translate into some kind of moral baseline you act on out of habit and good sense. Either way, ritual and spiritual traditions teach us who we are, so we can be of service and example, the kind which serves not only our self but others.

Who is Jesus? Who is Christ?

Two questions, Whose are we?

How do we Know who we are?

The disciplines of prayer, liturgy, thinking, communion and study are  some of the fundamentals to reveal the Christ energy moving into the world.

Celebrated liturgies like Triduum, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, baptism, etc. are designed to draw us closer to God through communion, the kind of repetitive communion, predictable so that we might gradually glean the depth and breath of what is means to be a body of Gods people. Through liturgy we open ourselves, our heart, minds, soul, and body, to God and ultimately witness and receive the Holy Spirit. The Christ consciousness we see in the historical Jesus shows us the way, to live and behave with all the attributes clearly delineated and expressed.

If we are to be the “Christian” in this world, that means that we need to know Jesus in the story, learn who He is, who we are, and how and why we experiencing him moving around among us as Christ essence.

Why Church?

The Eucharist is the sacramental act, through which we are fed in remembrance of how the historical Jesus moved through the lives of his disciples. The story of how we are to live even in this day is mapped out for us in biblical story form. The story of Jesus illustrates ample descriptions of greed, waste and sloth. His life also illustrated generosity and power in healing those around him. He showed us what temptation and exhaustion looks like during his 40 days in the desert and days leading through “His passion”. The story has been told for 2,000 years and apparently it is not part of the plan to be forced to move in “His” direction. It is rather a choice to find our own Christ living within, it is the same Christ in everyone manifested in millions of small and large ways.

Perhaps the new church will be Our planet earth teaching us we are connected, as we verge on destroying its perfect design of harmony and balance. We may be coming to realize the magnificent perfect God energy in nature and one another and there find the new church. We may come by way of science or philosophy to the awareness we are all things, at all places and at the same time. If so GREAT! Many ways to get to the same place. In the mean time I will choose to go to church, like a women going to the well.

Be at peace. “Do unto others as other have done unto you,… love one another as I have loved you.. etc. You know the story, move in that direction.


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Mary Jane Miller

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