May is the Month of Mary

May is the Month of MaryMary,the Saint


There are many images of her, how is one to choose.? There is Mary Eternal Grace, Mary of Mercy, Mary of the Light, Mary who births the Wonder Worker, Mary Queen of Heaven, along with; Mary of Good Council, Mary of Help, Mary of Health and Mary of Success.

I would be content to live in any of these states of being, if even for a moment. I think I understand Saint Mary,and why she is offered through such a wide variety of attributes. She is a female presentation of divine being, after which we might model our own life. She is presented as an idea, an image and a model. we only need to expand our minds past what the church has indoctrinated us into thinking.The tiles are magnificent contemplation and not limited to the suffering servant.




I have been a practicing Christian all my life, a member of many churches and alternative practices;, Lutherans, Episcopalian, Buddhist, Quaker, Tai Chi, etc. It is a testament to the love and constant respect I have for God and all creation. However, Saint Mary, remains at the center of teaching what lies within the feminine heart. After so many years, she has come to be a living source within me, manifesting the potential to become more than I ever imagined.

I know clearly I am not any Virgin Mary, or Mother of God, yet somewhere in me is the spirit of Mary with the willingness to surrender to God, to have Mercy upon all who I meet, to yield to the Grace, Goodness and Health all around me.

We are all potentially Saint Mary, the Saint, birthing Gods presence into the World, through every word, every action and every desire. Perhaps it is heresy that I am saying such things but it is not without love for a better world , envisioning everyone as extensions of Saint Mary, the Saint

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Mary Jane Miller

Iconography, byzantine style contemporary art, catholic art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. fine art and religion, spirituality and god
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