Christ Teacher, Master, Guru, Guide

Where is Christ?

 peace of God

peace of God


Imagine the authorities and theologians of the church adjusting “their” definition of Christ. For Centuries priests and theologians have defended and debated sound bites like; He is the only son of God, He is Christ who died for our sins, He was born in the likeness of God.

Do you think it would serve our world knowing Him as endless kindness or endless healing within ourselves. Certainly changing the sound bite would change the message.

I like the idea of an avatar type with nearly unattainable qualities. The touchstone is high to say the least. The idea of Christ Teacher, Master, Guru, Guide has always inspire me to work towards that which is beyond my capacity to comprehend. It is a good thing to be inspired by magnificent design. Mozart, Picasso, Luis Pasture, Aristotle, etc. have all inspired humanity in fantastic ways. So why not embrace the idea that I am the daughter of God, I do die for the sins of others and I am born in the likeness of God.

Wait a Minute?

What I suggest is religious heresy and unorthodox but I believe radical and unorthodox minds are precisely what it takes to advance the beauty of humankind and all its creative wonder! Without breaking the mold we are destined to lifeless predictability. We have been in Greece now for a few short weeks. We have been to the top of every mountain in search of the mythical monastery. We consistently find a magnificent panorama and only one or two souls at home, often not even one. The flowers are in bloom, roses and daisies and long blowy grass, along with the grapevines and sheep grazing on the hillside. Bell towers, perfectly painted stretch towards heaven in silence. The experience is a spectacular rich memory and testament to the past but human countenance is absent.

The organized churches around the world are failing.

In Boston we saw many fine churches at the mercy of architects, redesigning condominium interiors for the wealthy. In London we found Westminster Abby and St Paul’s cathedral with a signs out front, “Entrance 20 pounds”(30 USD!). I remember in Portugal and Peru the churches are shabby with only a few elderly people still present. Here in Greece, the few open Churches still want women to wear a skirt out of respect, on a Sunday their attendance is minimal and also very old. It is with sadness I think the church with such a great story to tell, has failed to keep out interest , and not introduced us to the Christ Teacher, Master, Guru, Guide. I find it completely understandable if you want spiritual advice you may need to become a Buddhist.

But what has happened to God?

Part of me thinks the desire for Godliness is natural and the awareness comes directly from the source of life within everyone. The Navajo Indians say not everyone awakens to it. We know meditation and prayer are valuable tools for healing, wisdom and grace, perhaps we do not need church anymore or even a teacher. I have always felt a kind of emptiness in daily life, asking endlessly what the hell is the point in all this? Perhaps it is simple; find a hill top, river bed, bubbling stream, quiet desert, or closet with no light and sit still. Easily and quickly you will see we breath, we wait and we get hungry.

Who Knows?

one in a millionCommunity church is now found on Facebook and in Sports Events. They both feeds our soul, offering a time tested territorial domain found in the best part of religious community. “They” welcome everyone, “they” offer a focus and hail familiar players, telling us what is happening. Are Facebook and Sports are replacements for church? OOPps have I gone too far? I can only say the bulk of the population, some 85% is being satisfied by them, around the world, the activity and involvement is part of everyday life. Does it teach us spiritual dignity, does it demand our creative force in the world or does it promote valuable tools for healing, wisdom and grace? Is there a need to find your own Christ Teacher, Master, Guru, Guide and be content?

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Mary Jane Miller

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