The Guy who falls and the Guy underwater.

One day there was a professional sky diver standing at a gas station waiting to fill his tank with Gas. A woman pulled in behind him and was in line to fill her tank as well. The two of them got into a conversation about the value of gas.

As they kept talking the skydiver mentioned the beauty of falling and the abundance of air but the woman found it difficult  relating to what he was saying, from her point of view, air was essential and specific to her since she was a scuba diver. She chatted on and on about being beneath the water and the inevitability of dying without air.

He was shocked and confused at how little her understanding of air was, reducing it to just a tank on her back, when he had the whole sky to receive air from. As they got frustrated with each other discussing the value and content of air, suddenly one of them suggested it was actually about survival.

Each of them could identify the enjoyment in their respective professions however they both came to realize maintenance and equipment was of key importance for their survival; to enjoy and live life as they experience it.

The thing is, If the diver does not pay close attention to how much air is in the tank she dies and if a skydiver fails to prepare his shoot all the air in the world will not save him.  The two of them stood there laughing realizing the intense attention required for equipment, preparation and unrealized potential. Filling the tank with gas is only possible if the fuel pump is functioning.

No matter what we think, “It” is all connected.
“God” is everywhere but without the mechanics of love and the preparation for love, we humans might live a limited life which is potentially lethal. There are no mistakes only millions of combinations.

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