Why try and develop ways to diminish our differences and rejoice in our commonalities?

Think at new levels of complexity

Spiritual practices have consistently attempted to provide us with a model to pattern our lives harmoniously. Our religious institutions have tried to encouraged ordinary people to live while believing in something. If we are going to succeed in transforming the misguided and destructive values that are leading us to the brink of disaster, the future will require a review of the knowledge and wisdom inherent in past philosophers and time tested traditions.


As we approach the 21st Century, inter-religious dialogue, will perhaps provide a new course. A renaissance in the mind of humanity will open the possibility of integrating a living ecosystem with today’s technology.When we examine the sublime and enduring wisdom that the natural world has to offer, we find living ecosystems are excellent examples of maintaining unity in-and-through diversity.


Thus, living ecosystems provide an apt analogy and food for the new mind that emerges when humankind stops thinking it is exempt or different.

 Every day we are being forced to learn
Solving the interconnected ecological problems that threaten our future on the earth is of paramount importance. The health of the planet is the greatest challenge that has confronted the human race in its entire history. Every day we are being forced to learn, adapt and evolve a new mindset which is inclusive of the natural global ecosystem. At the present there is no agreed on global ethic or any new collective mind embracing a global attitude. We continue to operate to this day independent of the planet and the life it provides for us.
The dialogue among the world’s diverse spiritual traditions must expand and embrace conversations concerning ethical business practices on a micro and macro level. The use of natural resources is a social responsibility for the entire business community to recalibrate. The planet is our friend; respected, protected and embraced for her uniqueness and constant abundance.

The alphabet is made of 26 letters
All living creatures are part of this profoundly interconnected holistic living planet. It is an Eco matrix. Humankind seems to have lost its sense of humility–responding to each other without a care for the preciousness of life. The alphabet is made of 26 letters, so simple yet look at the diversity. There is power in communication, let us not forget how to use it for building up rather than annihilation. Perhaps the central task before us is to learn how best to engage humanity in an authentic dialogue caring for what “others” are “saying,” as well as listening and caring for the earth.

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