Christ Teacher, Master, or Guru

 Jesus Christ, Jesus the Christ“The Word become Flesh and walked among us”

Seek Christ Teacher, Master, and Guru within and know his presence intimately everywhere and know the image of Christ,  is God in you. “Truly many prophets and religious men have longed to see what you have seen but did not see … and to hear what you hear but did not listen.”  Mystical understanding is hearing and seeing without eyes or ears.

God became man, that Man might become God”.

Icon’ is derived from the Greek word ‘eikon’ meaning ‘image’. The image of Christ has been confirmed by the church as a testament to the incarnation and offers us a window to know God, through which we enter into communion with him.

I have never been trained and schooled in the canons the Byzantine church set forth as doctrine, but I do love God with my whole heart, mind and soul and sincerely desire to convey that experience to others through painting icons. The iconographer paints with traditional egg tempera; egg yolk + water mixed with million year old stone ground into a fine dust called ‘earth pigments’.  Egg yolk represents the raw potential for life and the earth pigment represent eternity, mixed together to create divine image. Imagine these early painters inventing such an idea! Inventing the idea of painting with egg and pigment is one thing, but using it to portray divine image – imagine. The process itself begs the question; Where is the divine, in the mind or the hand or the image?

Humanity took an enormous leap with these early artists ,

the work has lasted for 1,500 years and still  people stand in awe before the icon and see themselves and much of  the human dilemma. Who and What are we? Humanity has been documenting itself for one thousand years without rest, on every continent, in very language and in a huge variety of mediums and image.It matters little if you cal “IT” Christ Teacher, Master, Guru.

Christ Teacher, Master, GuruThis great art form, handed down by the masters, tried and succeeded in exploring the mind of God through prayer and we have inherited it in the form of an icon. Icons are painted as a spiritual experience and used by the viewer as objects for meditation. Concepts like birth, death, motherhood, community are easy and clear ideas expressed in image. Transformation, time and space, and intent are not as simple to convey through image.

Photographers take pictures of their surroundings often make reference to the magnificent change which occurred with the invention of the camera. It changed humankind’s ability to see, document and capture the world around them. The camera and the artists who use them have changed the consciousness of our society. The artist records and makes available a snapshot of Christ Teacher, Master, or Guru. Both photographers and iconographers translate the world around us into image, the only difference is the information; the photographer collects what can be seen and the iconographer collects what cannot be seen.

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