Nena Hotel Pop Up Gallery, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Angels don’t fall out of the sky;

they emerge from within.

Mary Jane Miller will be participating in a Pop Up Gallery at the Hotel Nina, highlighting her collection of Byzantine style icons based on the images of San Miguel Allende’s patron saint, San Miguel Archangel and other celestial beings. Angels are said to be spiritual beings without physical bodies that act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, the unseen designer of creation.







Even though we may not be able to validate that angels exist, we can and should praise the mystery of things we cannot see, and encourage the possibility that these entities bring more goodness into the world. I have often been asked, “Does everyone have a guardian angel?” I cannot say that I would know the answer, yet I do believe there are spirits all around who want to guard or protect our souls. Perhaps angels are more involved than we think in communicating truths, maybe inspired messages come from some other supernatural dimension. Surely it is comforting to imagine each of us is protected and encouraged by some unknown force that permeates creation.

Some may call angels energy, intuition, grace, physic ability, or divine wisdom, but whatever the name, angles may be reminding us in powerful ways that we are never alone. Angels may not be able to prevent our crashing into disastrous situations or manipulate the physical world so to avoid suffering but few will deny there are amazing circumstances that present themselves completely by surprise. Having an image of an angle around your home may inspire thoughts of some sovereign purposes that is unfolding just for you in the form of instruction, knowledge, or insight.

The whole purpose in life is to know your “Angelic” self, accept it and be it. In this way we finally experience true contentedness.

When you see Mary Jane Miller’s collection of angels icons, you may find one that is attracted to you, who says, “by the time you get home, I will have taken on a personality and a name you can call me.” Messenger Angels have an undeniable presence, and in the form of image they encourage a deeper knowledge of our on going spiritual life and unimaginable mystic awe.

Contact Mary Jane Miller for more information.





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Women must not Teach or Have Authority Over Men

“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good” Corinthians 12:7-11. The New Testament makes it plain that Christian women, like men, have been given spiritual gifts. The gifts of wisdom, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, discerning spirits,or knowledge by means of the same Spirit, are all bestowed by means suitable to each. It never mentions women as not included. Women, like men, are to use these gifts to minister to the body of Christ.

Unfortunately, the New Testament 1 Timothy 2:8-15: takes the significance of Gods abundant message and distorts those blessings. We are told through scripture, “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.”

How can we ever get out from under that decree!

Has the church been correctly teaching and honoring the magnitude with which women minister and yet hypocritically ignored certain permanent restrictions placed on the ministry of women?

But Paul says, in Christ there is neither male nor female.

The Christian church has changed in twenty centuries and will need to change a good deal more to altar the cultural conditioning to free ourselves from culture norms which should have been dealt with centuries ago. Why is there still so much fear that women teach Christian doctrine to men or that women are not to exercise authority directly over men in the church? The passage, as translated above, definitively says, women are not to teach men. They are not to have authority over men, do to the order in which God created man and woman and because of how man and woman fell into sin. Eve has always been saddled with being the greater culprit but they were both kicked out of Eden.

Women’s influence

Timothy’s text was written in a time when the church was forming, a time of heated opinions, and debate to arrive at a consensus, agreed on as divinely inspired word. The early church defended itself against false teaching for at least 500 years, analyzing authentic text, interpretations of the doctrines and clarifying cannon law. How many women could have been part of those discourses and discussion?

Have we stopped to think what might have changed if women had been trusted to participate in good exegesis, contributing their scholarly reconstructions of history, and any role they may have played as females who witnessed history and dialogue. The church has done a disservice to women and God alike through confusing right and abundant teaching with the cultural bias and inferiority of women.

Women may have been excellent teachers of asceticism as a means of spirituality, but their practices are not documented. Their abstinence from certain foods, from marriage and probably sex in general, women might have had mystical insights and ideas for doctrines as they understood them and shared in a voice equal but different from men. We will never know fully their history, politics or even their intentions. They have been written out. What the church authority has maintained as male/female distinctions are no longer relevant in this era and need to be re-evaluated, and transformed to bring about better understanding of the divine message of love.

The Christ that lives in us is neither “male nor female”

The current climate and tendency towards removing role distinctions between men and women is not a false teaching or even a heretical teaching. Paul’s teachings on this issue, along with Timothy and Titus are about the roles of men and women in church ministry, their interpretation and wording is in need of change. We can without fear, re-frame antiquated words written in another time, change the words which were born in a more fearful and controlled society than what we have today. Our clergy and male dominated hierarchy can choose to re-design what they have defended as ancient and antiquated historical culture of a women’s place which no longer fits in this age. Biblical text and teaching has to embrace new appropriate behavior for Christian women today. Women are a growing voice and presence in the workforce, administrating and teaching around the world in spite of our experience of having been divorced, abandoned, abused, isolated and silenced. The Christ that lives in us is neither “male nor female”

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San Miguel’s Finest Iconographer, the Only One

Mary Jane Miller, one of San Miguel’s bright thinkers with an untamed spirit.

One hour Lecture and Slide Presentation

St Paul’s Anglican Church

Tuesday Sept 4th


The talk will be accompanied by a power point presentation of classic iconography and her own collection of new images from her latest book, In Light of Women. Miller is a woman committed to the art and theology involved in iconography, an ancient technique used in the production of sacred image, dating back 1,600 years to a time when the minds of men believed they were inspired by God. The Holy Spirit did not descend to a few and ascend back to the heavens only once; we are inspired humans walking in a divine likeness even today. Changing the slant and interpretation of words and image does not threaten the history of Christian thought and the profound effect it has had on humanity; instead it has the potential to open our hearts and minds. Contemporary Christians are on a learning journey watching their consciousness unfold. Miller knows and has experienced that unfolding journey can be a tortuous one, while persevering to understand this entity many have called God.

  The donation of 100 pesos is acceptable at the door and proceeds will got Green Team SMA.


Miller has been steeped in this painting tradition for 25 years and found new places to share insights and the strict tradition has not dulled her senses. On the contrary she is quickly becoming a catalyst for change. She thinks the bible can be thought of as hugely misogynistic, not because the men who wrote the words were particularly bad guys, but because in the first century women were not simply discriminated against, but often silenced. Yet, there are many subtle small slogans for women to regain their rightful place; as an example the Apostle Paul said ‘women should learn’. These few words actually become quite revolutionary. Given that the instruction was issued within a society which didn’t educate women, it seems Christ was trying to balance the behavior with a new mind even so long ago but we just simply have not fully grasped it even today. Women  have been waiting for nearly 2,000 years to be given an equal but different place in the kingdom, before they die. ‘Men of God ‘ it is time for us all to teach and give guidance to bring Christs’ directives of love and equality into fruition.

The donation of 100 pesos is acceptable at the door and proceeds will go to Green Team SMA.

Today new insights into women like Mary Magdalene are challenging our contemporary landscape. Art and image are powerful tools to bring about that change.

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Palette to Palate Long Table Dinner

Friday, August 31th , 2018  7:00pm

Palette to Palate is a Long table Dinner experience with a unique culinary adventure by chef Linnea Rufo, featuring the work of special guest artist Mary Jane Miller. Friday evening around the long table always brings together a unique group of people, and this palette promises to highlight conversations sparked when sacred art meets the sacred stomach.

Enliven both your taste buds and visual senses as you enjoy their Russian inspired feast, surrounded by Byzantine style Icons. Mexico and Russia both share traditions and heritage full of rich color and visual delights reminding us of ancient times and spiritual belief.



Chef Linnea Rufo is more than just a lover of food, she is inspired by the entire dining experience, capturing the spirit of the table, creating a mood, and evoking feelings or places through her delicate and perfectly paired meals. With years of culinary experience and a life long passion for bringing people together, Chef Linnea creates a warm environment where friends and family can come together and enjoy the rewards of sharing culinary delights. Casa Linnea is a place where friendships and unforgettable experiences can be made. To learn more about Palette to Palate and her upcoming events visit her website:

Mary Jane Miller is an internationally known artist whose work is set to accentuate the atmosphere of this Russian feast. Not to be missed, Russian food and a resident iconographer of Russian tradition all in San Miguel Allende for one night. Miller’s work is alive with gold, silver, precious stones in deep tones of color. Her beautiful byzantine images are as organic as the food you will be served, filled with gracefully executed strokes of egg emulsion and ground stone called egg tempera. Mary Jane is not represented anywhere in San Miguel Allende so this collection of work is not to be missed! To see more of Miller’s work and available pieces for purchase, visit see her website.

In order to finalize your reservation The Long table dinner participants are asked to make their payment in advance, email for more information and prices.

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Gilding the Easy Way

Tip for Gilding

Mix Tile Bond (True Value Hardware carries it). with natural Bole.  If the red bole you buy is a creamy consistency add one part glue to 3 parts creamy bole. check it when it drys a finger nail indention is good, tells you it is not too hard, the shinny finish means it is too much glue. a dull powdery finish tells you to add more Glue. Heat the whole amount just too warm it, mix well and let stand a day or two.

If the bole is dry, mix distilled water to it till it is a creamy consistency like Very Thick cream. Notice this RED BOLE says REQUIRES NATURAL GLUE I use the Tile bond

You may have to add a bit of  distilled water when you go to actually apply it. I pool it, adding a brush full in a lake joining the puddle as I go along. Like we applied it in our class.



I use Rolco Oil size for Gilding, apply it evenly over the Bole /Tile bond mixture.

There are too many ways to do this process and lots of ingredients which vary from one process to other. Get ingredients that are compatible and stay away from anything with acrylic base.

Figure out one process and then perfect it. I can hit the ball pretty good with these 3 ingredients. Gilding with Mary Jane Miller


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God is not “A” being but BE-ing itself

God is not “A” being but BE-ing itself

Thomas Aquinas said Deus est ens, ‘God is being itself’.  The Dominicans say everything participates in being because God IS being.

There is a sacredness in everything.That desire to know, to connect to, to be part of, is why we are attracted to beauty, love, goodness and each other. Awaken to your connection to everything–inherently, objectively, metaphysically, ontologically, and theologically. We don’t create the connection through going to church or any other spiritual practice. The interconnection is revealed with awareness, it is the perceptible divine pulse in all which life exists.

You are what you are looking for.

While in Greece I met a woman named Victoria from Slovakia. She was confident and very Orthodox and only painted icons when she was inspired. She said she had the finished ones all over her house and never sold them.

I asked her why? and she said “i don’t know why.” She asked me about my icon painting, I said I had more than 500 icon paintings and most were under the bed and in closets. She asked why? and I said “who knows, I’m waiting.”She said ‘Good ‘and it was no accident I had so many and one day they will be seen… IF they are icons painted by the rule and then asked if I know the rule. I said, “you mean, to love God with your whole heart, mind and soul” she said, “ No, the icon rule!” and did I know the power icon paintings posses.

We talked about the way our souls felt split apart between what we are attracted to and what we can’t understand. We talked about having our hands blessed for icon painting and the beauty in this wonderful spiritual practice. We spoke of being transformed into walking icons through the power of ; ‘You are what you seek’.

Everything was great till we got to the sacrament part!!

The conversation went on for a good long time where I became more and more confused why the rules and tradition had turned her pious favoritism towards into rigidity. I kept wanting to expand the conversation. Then we got talking about church and Holy Eucharist. I suggested we go to the Orthodox service the next day and saying the sacrament will be a delight,(dinner with Jesus so to speak). She said “Oh No!. You cannot do that, you are not Orthodox”. ‘WOW, I thought to myself, 20 years painting icons and there I sat shocked wondering if I had ever had dinner with the real Jesus?’. The next day, I went anyway but alone.

My experience with the organized Church is a challenge and a testing ground, not always validating and not always encouraging but it has a valued place in my heart. I try to focus mostly on the way it exposes the great divinity in all of us.

Franciscan Mysticism: I Am That Which I Am Seeking.

Icon painting has taught me, God is not “A” being but BEi-ng itself. Icon Painting has influenced how I seek myself in all things and that self is the same self within all of creation. I have spoken before about lemons, they teach us just by being lemons, through their image, existence and essence, their ‘BE-ing’. Icon painting is the same. The actual icon paint, painted image and spiritual practice wrapped together teach, all I have to do is stay awake and learn. I am not exactly talking about lemons or icon painting, I am talking about essence. There is no value in separating what we think is Good and what is not Good. It causes division and comparison both of which change. I am looking for what does not change, the “I Am” within the existence of all things, in every situation throughout the day.

All I can say is, if you are an icon painter, Good Luck. I watch millions of tiny grains in the egg tempera paint come to rest on a landscape of dirt and color and I think what a bumpy path this has been,…. Wisdom.

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Humanity has lost their heart to unscrupulous consumption

BUY what is useful and necessary, GO SIMPLE and Consume LESS.

Forests are felled to make grain for cattle to make hamburgers which make us fat.

Rivers are poisoned to manufacture fake leather for our comfort in the car. Million and millions of shipping containers transport what the market demands, 365 days a year, so we can have more kinds of coffee, six kinds of scented soap, silly hand gadgets to cut your butter and a specialized pizza fork! This pathological consumption has become a world-consuming epidemic of madness, based on a pretty big lie making you think you need it.

EXAMPLE: In 2007, the journalist Adam Welz records that13 rhinos were shot and killed by poachers in South Africa. In 2016, 585 rhinos where shot and killed. Why? It is documented that very rich people in Vietnam are now sprinkling pulverized rhino horn on their food or snorting it like cocaine to display “their” wealth. In comparison, in China they are serving up live baby mice as a delicacy you eat with chopsticks. It’s grotesque.

The non-thinking consumers are keeping “their” seduction live!

This boom of madness has not happened by accident. The designers and promoters of crappy ideas seldom stop and ask; “Does humanity Need IT?” Or Does the Planet Need IT?. They want money, and they convince us we will feel” better. We have to ask ourselves at every moment in the checkout line, “what am I buying and why?”. The designers of stupid consumption depend on selling the utterly useless to the ignorant thoughtless consumer. AND worse, when every conceivable want and need has been met among those who have disposable money, the designers of stupid consumption start all over again in another country with another idea.

Grown men and women devote their lives to designing, manufacturing and marketing useless rubbish, toys for the adult child and stuff with no lasting value or relevance. Remember, we are trying to “feel” better or make someone else “feel” better. Actually to do that requires no money or investment, no shopping mall or special coffee machine, it requires BE-ing in the moment.

These designers of stupid consumption have taken the slogan, “the best things in life are free”, and found a way to sell it to us!

Why have we failed to notice that the excessive behavior of a few is already controlling more money than they know how to spend, and causing the deprivation of millions along with the environment. The growth of inequality accompanying stupid consumerism makes a lot of money for a few. Why have we failed to notice it is not good to trash the planet by selling crappy ideas to the poor and middle class. In the US in 2010 a remarkable 93% of the growth in incomes accrued for the top 1% of the population. This year, make it your goal to BOYCOT these clowns who design and promote crappy ideas. If we don’t it “their ” wealth will continue to hurt us all. Our “dis-ease” with our not “feeling” good is being satiated by a lie and ruining the the environment and the human soul.

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