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Icons attempt to portray and bear witness to two realities, the divine and the human, united in an undivided manner. The intent here is not to communicate human ideas about humans or spiritual concepts about the truth but rather to ask the question......"Whose are we?"

Artist Statement

Miller is challenged and fascinated with the icons' intrinsic and mystical elements. "Combining the physical painting and a life of prayer enables us to explore and enter into our relationship with God and His creation." The discipline of icongraphy allows one to make contact with something deeper than what you're painting. The faces reflect the somber, the challenged and the martyred. I find myself wondering, "What, besides spiritual awe, are icons trying to tell us about the highest and best experiences of our human condition? The answers lead us back to our faith and hope as spiritual people."

Email Mary Jane at millericons@gmail.com or call her at 52 (415) 152-5762

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